Loxandra Ensemble

Loxandra Ensemble

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Friday, 06 April 2018 16:42

German review @ Amusio.com

Die achtköpfige Formation Loxandra, deren Stil an einem speziellen Platz im breiten Spektrum der World Music verortet werden kann, ist seit längerem ein Begriff im Mutterland Griechenland. Aber erst mit seinem am 20. April erscheinenden Album In transition emanzipiert sich die Band endgültig von der reinen Pflege vorhandenen Liedguts; es sind etliche Stücke auf der aktuellen CD, die von den Musikern, unter denen ein paar neue Gesichter zu finden sind, vollkommen selbstständig entwickelt wurden.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018 16:31

Loxandra Ensemble - InTrasition

The favorites of the international world music scene are back again. Following two well-received albums and an absence of more than 5 years, the eight-member Loxandra Ensemble has finally made a come-back with new music.

Thursday, 11 May 2017 14:56

Loxandra Ensemble

The music ensemble LOXANDRA was founded in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is named after the heroine of a famous Greek novel known, apart from other things, for her cooking mastery.
The ensemble, exactly as the great cook “Loxandra” did, collects many different “musical ingredients”, mix them with mastery and creates an original blend of music

Saturday, 25 June 2016 16:16

Areti Ketime - Dysi ke Anatoli

“Dysi ke Anatoli” (West and East) is a collection of songs that have been singed by Areti Kateme, in productions of other artists.

Sunday, 11 May 2014 15:32


He was born in Athens in 1982.When he was 13 years old started playing the kanun and by the age of 15 won a special discrimination and the first prize in the first and second music contest for students from all the country respectively. Then he started working as a professional musician. He has collaborated with significant Greek singers of folk and traditional music (Eleni Vitali, Glykeria, George Dalaras, Chronis Aidonodis, Giannis Papakostas, Domna Samiou and others).

Sunday, 11 May 2014 15:31


Foibos Apostolidis was born on May 2nd, 1989 in the city of Katerini (Pieria, north Greece) and grew up in a family of dilettante musicians. In 2007 he moved to Thessaloniki to study at the "Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment" of the Aristotle University from which he graduated in 2016. Since childhood he has shown a keen interest in music and at the age of 19 he decided to cope with music professionaly.

In 2013 “Polyphonon” released the debut cd of the new composer Nikos Samaras, titled "Nero sta matia mou" (Water in my eyes).

The album contains a total of nine tracks, five instrumental compositions and four songs with lyrics written by Anastasia Chatziapostolidou and Chrysa Karaiskou.

Sunday, 14 October 2012 19:18

World Music Charts Europe - September 2012

Friday, 14 September 2012 19:17

fRoots No.350 - August 2012

Monday, 10 September 2012 18:30

Jazz & Tzaz issue No.234 - June 2012

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