Loxandra Ensemble - Schedon Opos Palia

The first CD the band Loxandra. entitled “Schedon opos palia„ (Almost like in the past) and was available since June 2006. The album was recorded during the end of 2004-begining of 2005 in Thessaloniki, where the band was formed in 1997, to deal with the old music and songs, aiming to present with respect to the original but as a creative approach today.
The members of Loxandra studied individually and together as a band, presenting tunes of old Asia Minor, Smyrna, Constantinople rebetika with their own unique way.
Discrete and updated versions of songs known or less known, to occur with the sound of the band, without excluding from the past, offers a new sound with contemporary musical taste and imagination.
At 14 tracks on the album, improvisations by instruments of the orchestra, rhythmic percussion originals and interesting interpretations of the singers, a consequence of years of employment with this repertoire.
The CD is moving in an eastern Mediterranean sound with extensions to the East. As the band mentions at the note contained in the CD:

"Faced with the aesthetic confusion and exaggeration that every day we experience,

we capture and juxtapose these 9 pieces of “sound-sentimental” content,

in accordance with our own experiences, perceptions, choices and possibilities"

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