Balkan Kitchen Records - No2

The cuisine of Northern Greece in recipes and stories (+CD)

Iliana Geneva-Puhalewa

The second book in the series "Balkan Kitchen Records" was released on 2009 in Poland and concerns the cuisine of Northern Greece: Aegean Macedonia, Western Thrace and Southern Epirus. The cuisine of the region, being part of a general culture, combines the culinary customs of not only the native Greeks, but also displaced people from Asia Minor, Rum from the Black Sea, Turks, Vlachs, Sarakatsans, Sephardic Jews and Southern Slavs. The book abounds in historical commentaries, ethnographic references and stories about the fates of ordinary Greeks.

The production of the CD included has been supervised (for the most part) by Loukas Metaxas. "Loxandra Ensemble" arranged and recorded 2 tracks live with sound engineer Leonidas Palaskas, especially for this production.  One is a gipsy tune ("Karsilamas") played in the wider Balkan region and the second is a traditional song ("Zonadadikiko") with Thracian singer Lambrianna Doitsidis on vocals.


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