Loxandra @ Euromusica Festival

Date: Wednesday, 11th March 1998 21:00 - 23:00

Venue: EUROMUSICA Festival  |  City: Thessaloniki, Greece

Short Description
Annual festival of folk music or world music (no pop music) to show the variety of styles in different regions of Europe.

The principle is easy but the hosting station of course has the right to put its personality in the production :

* Concert (outdoors or indoors), filmed social events and videoclips with artists on location to give a presentation of the city or the region.
* Accomodation for a certain number of artists and a producer from the guesting stations are paid by the hosting station, as well as the production.
* Beta crew service for personal shots for the guests.
* Artists’ fees and travel expenses are covered by the participating stations.


1987 VIANA DO CASTELO/Portugal
1988 LJUBLJANA/Slovenia
1989 FUNCHAL/Madeira
1990 LINZ /Austria
1991 NUREMBERG/Germany
1992 KIEV/Ukraine
1993 LEEDS/Great Britain
1994 NOVGOROD/Russia
1995 PONTA DELGADA/Azores-Portugal
1997 TRONDHEIM/Norway
1999 UMBRIEN/Italy
2000 OPATIJA/Croatia

Participating Countries 1997
Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary, Portugal (Azores), Germany, Yugoslavia, Russia

Participating Countries 1998
Bulgaria, Fyrom, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden and Yugoslavia

Participating Countries 1999
Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Slovenija, Sweden, Switzerland,

Participating Countries 2000
Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Poland

Latest Development
Euromusica 2001 will take place in Hungary, Sopron and Austria, Eisenstadt from the 13th to September to the 16th of September 01. It is for the first time a cross-border co-production. For more details on the schedule, contact MTV.


Thessaloniki, Greece




All Dates

  • Wednesday, 11th March 1998 21:00 - 23:00

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