He was born in Athens in 1982.When he was 13 years old started playing the kanun and by the age of 15 won a special discrimination and the first prize in the first and second music contest for students from all the country respectively.

Then he started working as a professional musician. He has collaborated with significant Greek singers of folk and traditional music (Eleni Vitali, Glykeria, George Dalaras, Chronis Aidonodis, Giannis Papakostas, Domna Samiou and others).

He has participate as a solist with Giannis Markopoulos orchestra “Palintonos Armonia”,the minor asian orchestra “Estoudiantina” the jazz orchestra big band of municipality of Athens and the known Serbian singer Slobodan Trkulja in concerts in Greece and other countries(Cyprus, Turkey, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, France, House of music Thessaloniki, House of music Athens and others).

He has a diploma in Byzantine music and a degree in music harmony.He is a graduate and a post graduate student of “University of Macedonia” Thessaloniki department of music science and art. He is a teacher of the kanun and theory of traditional music in conservatoirs and pubic schools(En Chordes Thessaloniki, Samaras, Rythmos, music public schools of Ptolemaida and Tripoli and others).

He is currently a member of the world music band “Loxandra”, a music band from Pontos called “Argatia”and a very close collaborator of the known Turkish singer Dilek Kots. He collaborates with varius artists in concerts here in Greece and abroad.

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