Ria Ellinidou completed her Music studies at Thessaloniki. She comes from an artistic family, which besides the wider musical activities made, nourishes special love and cultivates with great haste, the traditional music. From the age of five years she studied at the Conservatory and attended musical instrument lessons, theory, harmony, music and traditional pre-education.

Then afterwards and special examinations was introduced in the music school of Thessaloniki, where she continued her education by attending piano lessons, Tamboura, Byzantine music with particular specialization on traditional percussion. During this time she attended and additionally particular specific traditional song workshops and traditional percussion also.

Then after relative grant received completed The Sound Engineering School. Participates and organizes musical performances as a singer and musician, as well as concerts, live music shows in music halls, theaters, festivals, radio and TV shows, all over Greece, but also in all the Balkan countries, Europe and Asia.Also took part, singing the Group of Traditional Music of Thessaloniki, the theatrical performance "Loxandra" by the National Theatre of Northern Greece, which was held for two consecutive seasons with great success.In 2005 she founded together with her family in the traditional essemble "Graikoi" in order to save, dissemination and development of the Greek musical tradition.

Their first album was the album "Of Love and Love", and which had the overall production editing, art direction and teaching.

The last fifteen years except the broader artistic activities she is a permanent member of "Loxandra" essemble. Involved in their penultimate album "Meyhane Cafe Aman" and the last band album "Loxandra in Transition".Participated in the international project & documentary "Hello Anatolia II" which screened at international and American Festival target and core interactions in Turkish and Greek relations regarding the development of musical expression.

In recent years she lives and works in Athens making appearances at major music venues and appearances on National television and radio programs [eg. "Cheers" / ERTOPEN / Second Schedule and more]. While doing collaborations and musical partnerships with major artists from all over Greece and abroad, based on the Greek, Balkan, Turkish, musical development of their tradition, and musical traditions of the Mediterranean countries in suspension.

She also has several appearances in the Greek and international discography while preparing her first solo album.

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