Baklatzis Makis was born and raised in Kavala. In 1996 he started taking Greek "traditional" violin lessons and in 1997 he attended the Musical High School in Kavala where he started his musical studies in "classical" violin. He graduated in 2003.

During his school years he continued with his “traditional” violin lessons. In 2000 he entered a national student competition and won 3rd place playing the traditional violin. After graduating from high school he went to Thessaloniki where he studied at the University of Macedonia in the Department of Music Science and Art majoring in the “greek traditional” violin.

During his studies he attended several seminars organized by leading virtuosos of traditional Greek and Turkish music such as Koukoularis Stathis, George Korros, Petroloukas Chalkias, Nick Saragoudas, Jasmine Saragouda, Antonis Apergis, Ross Daily, Baki Kemanci etc.He has collaborated and performed with musicians such as Doitsidis Kariofilis, Manos Achalinotopoulos, Pazarentis Stavros, Dilek Koc, Areti Ketime, Koutsaggelidis Manos, Cigdem Aslan and other important artists.

Since 2007 he has been a member of the band “Loxandra". He has taken part in various festivals in Greece and abroad in countries such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Egypt, T urkey, Algeria, Netherlands, Sweden. In 2009 he graduated from the university and in 2010 he started working as a music teacher in primary and music schools in Greece. Ιn 2014 he was a violin teacher in the department of traditional music of Technological Institute of Epirus.

For two years 2010-2011 he took part as a musician in a play by Maria Iordanidou called “Loxandra". The play was a production of the State Theatre of Northern Greece directed by Sotiris Hatzakis.He has also given workshops around Europe on domains such as: Modal music (Maqam), Violin extended techniques, Modal Improvisation (Taksim), Violin in the Middle Eastern Music, Violin in Greek Traditional Music. Today he is a master student in Violin Performance in World music (Turkish department) in Rotterdam Conservatoire (Codarts).

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